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Call to Action - New to Billings?

Looking to play softball and don't have a team

Email Lisa Strouf @ 


What divisions do you want to play (Men's, Co-Ed, Women's)

What Position, or Positions do you play? 

What are your Skill Abilities? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advances) 

Contact Information: Email and phone number 


Looking for a Summer Job? Become a Scorekeeper

Billings Softball Association is looking for Scorekeepers 

We have league play Tuesday through Friday and Tournaments on the weekends.  Our the league starts on May 7th, 2024, and lasts until August 22, 2024

If you are interested contact:

Willowa Heppner-French @ 406-300-8083

Billings Softball Association Mission Statement

The BSA strive to support athletic excellence, promote sportsmanship personal responsibility and team unity, maintain the history and tradition of excellence for all athletes that participate in events hosted  at the Billings Softball Association complex at Stewart Park. 

Looking for a summer job, and get involved in the fun!

We need more Umpires!

Call Derek Simmon @ 406-696-2423

Call to Action

Tell people why this is important

2024 Summer League Registration Now Open,Under the Registration Tab!

Register Now!

Reschedule Protocol

Teams needing to reschedule have to give at least a weeks notice, day of your game will not be rescheduled. Umpires and Scorekeepers are already scheduled and we have to pay them with little or no notice.

Here are the steps that need to be taken, if your team needs to rescheduled a game:

1) Reach out to the team they are playing and see if the reschedule is okay with them. (Everyone got a contact list in their packet)

2) Send an email to, and CC both teams involved in the reschedule. If both teams are good with the reschedule, no special scheduling requests will be considered. 

3) Once the game is rescheduled I will email both teams of the new game time and date. 

Looking for a summer job - our Concession Stand is now hiring!

BSA is looking for Front Count People in our Concession Stand 

Hiring Now! Contact Shawn Stringer @ 406-860-7599

Billings Softball Association

Field 5

We're Team Players At Billings Softball Association


For over 40 years, Billings Softball Association has been organizing recreational slow-pitch games for adults of all ages and skill levels. We're a nonprofit organization offering weekly softball games at Stewart Park.



The Billings Softball Association is a great way to play ball and meet people in your community. We have: 

  1. Men's, Women's, and CoEd leagues for all skill levels. 
  2. Our season runs from May to August and consists of either 18 games or 11 games.
  3. Four games per night at Stewart Park, starting at 6:30 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 8:50 p.m., and 10 p.m. 

Ready for your team to join the Billings Softball Association? 

Call 406-671-1762 to learn more about registration and our leagues. We look forward to playing ball with you!

You can also Email us at: 

Lisa  Billings Softball Association

Lisa Billings Softball Association

Vice President/Treasurer

Phone: 406-671-1762